Introducing our newest high-quality Heavy Duty Diesel Oil


Specially formulated for equipment that operates in extreme duty cycles and severe environmental contamination conditions.

Your Problem is Our Problem

We provide solutions like:

  • Innovative, quality products to help you reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Hands-on services to reduce downtime

Our business is built on relationships and finding ways to make your fleet run more efficiently with solutions designed specifically for your needs. Valvoline’s state-of-the-art testing facility is just one way we stay ahead of the curve. Millions of miles of real-world testing in fleets around the world provide invaluable data that our engineers use to innovate new products and create better solutions for our partners.

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The Right Oil for You, the "Only One" for Cummins®

What happens when global leaders in engine design and premium lubricants team up? They create engine oils with technology, quality and performance that you can depend on for your heavy-duty vehicles. They develop products that help you reduce your total cost of ownership. That’s why Valvoline™ is the only lubricant manufacturer endorsed and recommended by Cummins® Inc. in its heavy-duty diesel and natural gas engines.

Reducing TCO With Innovation

We want our solutions to reduce your total cost of ownership. So when we develop new products, we keep that in mind. Our products help you by extending your oil drain intervals, reducing your inventory, mitigating human error or even reducing the number of critical part failures. From the X-18 that eliminated the need for 18 different oils to the Premium Blue One Solution Gen2 that enables drain extension in diesel and natural gas engines, we find ways to bring innovation with cost savings to you.

Tackling the Tech Shortage

With over 60,000 candidates across the United States.

Valvoline’s Auto Career Accelerator is an online recruiting platform built exclusively for the automotive aftermarket. This unique recruiting solution was designed to help you quickly and efficiently find quality entry-level talent.

Reducing Downtime With Our Hands-on Services

We know that preventive maintenance requires constant monitoring, so we take a lot of pride in our ability to provide timely hands-on service. Through Valvoline’s Fluid Analysis Program, we work closely with you to collect fluid samples and translate complex data into recommendations on how to improve the health of your fleet. It allows you to make informed risk-vs-reward decisions about your maintenance practices, identifying minor problems before they become major failures, optimizing drain intervals and providing data to support warranty claims.

Valvoline’s expertise and technical support are unrivaled. We’re here to make sure your operation runs as smoothly as possible, saving you money and resources in the long run.

Our Heritage

Valvoline™ introduced engine oil over 150 years ago. Its first application? Protecting heavy-duty steam engines just in time for the completion of America’s first transcontinental railroad. Since the very beginning, Valvoline has been trusted in America’s heavy-duty engines. For more than a century and a half, we’ve been part of American industrial progress and innovation.

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