• Valvoline 120 Pound Keg

Valvoline’s Palladium grease is a premium quality multi-purpose lubricant for use in extreme pressure and high temperature operating conditions. It is manufactured from carefully selected petroleum oils and performance additives to create superior grease with a dropping point of 460-500° F. The smooth textured grease has a heavy bodied consistency but provides good pumpability in both hot and cold operating temperatures. The product has excellent resistance to water washout problems. Oil separation is minimal even under extreme pressures.

Valvoline’s Palladium grease is formulated with special lubricity, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives including molybdenum disulfide and is completely fortified with oxidation, rust and corrosion inhibitors. It displaces other greases as top-of-the-line quality products for severe applications and general purpose lubrication.