• 150 Years of Innovation Made for Performance Today

    In 1866, Dr. John Ellis cooled an overheating steam engine with the first Valvoline lubricant he created. Since then, we’ve developed a full suite of world-class lubricants, for all variety of engines.

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  • Sputtering, Hesitation, Lost Acceleration?

    Carbon deposits in your engine could be the cause. Introducing NEW Valvoline™ EasyGDI™ Fuel System Service with Power Dispersal Technology™, a revolutionary treatment for gasoline direct injection fuel and intake systems. Available at select Valvoline service centers.

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  • Handed down through generations

    Over 100 years ago Henry Ford made Valvoline motor oil the factory fill for the Model T Ford. In the time since, other auto enthusiasts have handed down their trust in Valvoline motor oils and lubricants.

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  • Performance and Productivity for Industry

    Valvoline has a full range of products and services that reduce operating cost and increase productivity. See how we service industry.

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