Premium Blue Products


There’s only one engine oil good enough to earn the trust of Cummins: Valvoline’s Premium Blue. Valvoline Premium Blue is exclusively recommended and endorsed by Cummins and specially designed to provide advanced lubricant performance in diesel and gas engines of all ages, including the latest low emission engines. All products are extensively tested in Cummins engines.

It’s the only oil allowed as first fill on Cummins assembly lines.

By logging onto QuickServe Online (QSOL), customers will be able to verify which oils have the right Cummins approval for their engine type. 


Premium Blue oil is designed to provide advanced lubricant performance in modern, low-emissions diesel engines, including those with cooled EGR.
The unique dispersant technology exceeds industry standards and consequently delivers an improved prevention of engine wear, resulting in reduced maintenance and a longer engine life.
It is a higher total base number (TBN) product designed for the latest diesel engine specification from API, ACEA, and OEM’s that allow for higher sulfated ash products.
Premium Blue repeatedly demonstrates a superior high TBN retention, resulting in an unparalleled prevention of corrosive wear of engine parts.
The advanced technology of Premium Blue oil offers a long-life, extended-drain capability through a balanced formulation that helps maximize engine durability.