Fleetmax is a package of high quality lubricants by Valvoline Cummins, created exclusively to enhance the fuel efficiency of your fleet, ensuring that your save a great deal of money on fuel and maintenance of your fleet.

Engine Oil 10W-30 API CI4 Plus and 2-in-1 Gear oil & Axle Oil SAE 80W-90 TDL comprise the Fleetmax package. TDL is formulated with additive chemistry that is endorsed by many global OEMs including SCANIA, MAN, Mercedes Benz, VOLVO, IVECO, ZF, Meritor and Eaton.

It has been extensively tested and proven on Cummins engines in the USA and validated in India on all on-road and off-road applications for over 3 years, demonstrating remarkable improvements in fuel efficiency and engine durability.