Do you have questions about motor Oil? Find answers here.

1. Does motor oil expire? How long does motor oil generally last?
Ans. Valvoline motor oil does not have a documented expiration date. Under optimal conditions, the product is stable for an extended period of time and can be used as long as the American Petroleum Institute (API) rating on the label continues to meet or exceed the requirements listed in your owner's manual. If the rating is still current, shake the container before use to blend any additives that may have settled.

2. Does motor oil ever wear out or does it just get dirty?
Ans. Motor oil breaks down with mileage and time - the oil additives weaken as the engine oil is used. Dirt can be a factor as well. Changing motor oil on a regular basis will eliminate these factors.

3. Are conventional motor oils natural, unprocessed products?
Ans. The base oils used in conventional motor oils come from a natural source and are then put through a hydrocarbon process in which the additives are blended.

4. Why do some motor oils carry the "API Certified - For Gasoline Engines" starburst symbol on the bottle while others do not?
Ans. Additive packages used in some motor oils such as high mileage motor oils can affect the ratings due to the American Petroleum Institute approving these standards. The oils will meet the requirements for API Certification.

5. Will changing my vehicle's motor oil myself or using a certain brand void my manufacturer's warranty?
Ans. Changing your vehicle's motor oil yourself or using a different brand of oil from your manufacturer's factory fill will not void the warranty. As long as the motor oil being used meets the manufacturer's standards required for the vehicle, the warranty cannot be considered void.

6. Are all brands of motor oil basically the same?
Ans. All brands of motor oil are not the same. Base oils, additives, etc., can be different from one brand to the next.

7. Do I have to change my vehicle's oil filter with every oil change?
Ans. Yes, Valvoline recommends replacing the filter every time your vehicle receives an oil change by following the oil change frequency recommendations in your vehicle's owner's manual. This eliminates any risk of contaminants trapped by the oil filter (e.g., dirt) from re-entering the oil.

8. I heard that when motor oil becomes dark, that means it's time to change it. Is this true?
Ans. This is not a true oil change tip. You cannot determine the life of motor oil by looking at its appearance since it may change color for several reasons. To ensure the best quality product, the best oil change tip is to always follow the owner's manual guidelines for oil change intervals.

9. Is the bulk oil that is put in my vehicle during an oil change at a quick lube different than bottled oil?
Ans. The bulk product put in your vehicle at a quick lube location is the same formulation Valvoline packages in other size containers and uses at a Valvoline oil change.

10. Are all additives the same?
Ans. No, Additives contain different formulations that affect certain parts of the engine differently than other additives.