From 1st April, 2017, the BSIV emission norms have come into effect, impacting transportation businesses in myriad ways. From changes in engine design, newer components to new fluids and additives, ways of driving everything is beginning to change. Deeper knowledge of the technology and products it demands, and hands-on training on the new engines is the only way to keep up with the change.

Valvoline Cummins offers you its revolutionary AIRShield DEF (AUS32) – a highly purified automotive fluid created especially for use in eco-friendly BSIV compliant SCR engines. Adopt it now and do your bit for the environment.

Valvoline BSIV-03 

Valvoline Cummins has also taken the lead in educating fleet owners, truck drivers and mechanics about BS IV. Valvoline Cummins is ready with the right knowledge, hands-on expertise and specialized trio of products to prepare all its stakeholders for the BSIV revolution. Read on to know more about BSIV and how Valvoline Cummins can help.

What is BSIV?

It is the latest emission norm set up by the Government of India under the Bharat Stage Emission Standards Why is it being enforced?

To take care of excessive pollution due to emission of poisonous gases from internal combustion units, particularly from heavy-duty vehicles

When did it come into effect?

A new emission norm, BSIV has come into effect from April 1, 2017

What will it affect?

All motor vehicles, including heavy duty equipment like trucks, buses, tippers and tractor-trailers

What will change?

  • Engine design will change and new components will be introduced
  • Fuel, engine oil, coolant, suitable for BSIV will have to be used
  • Different set of fluid solutions, like urea based DEF will be used for SCR engines

What are EGR and SCR engine technologies?

EGR: Engine that recirculates a portion of the exhaust back to the cylinders

SCR: A catalytic unit attached to an engine, which reduces NOx emission into non-polluting gases. SCR engine uses urea based DEF

How will it impact the environment?

  • 80% reduction in particulate matter and 30% reduction in NOx
  • Latest BSIV compliant SCR engines will reduce pollution
  • Better fuel efficiency will save natural resources

How will it impact your business?

  • Vehicle prices will increase
  • Initial investment may go up on account of increased prices and newer products
  • Greater savings due to low cost of maintenance and repairs
  • Up to 5% increase in fuel efficiency

What will it mean for Fleet Owners?

Increased cost initially, but more profitable in the long run on account of enhanced efficiencies due to:

  • improved engine technology
  • better fuel efficiency
  • compatible products
  • better technology lubricants and fluids

How will it affect Fleet Managers?

Better operational efficiencies on account of modern engine technology, which will lead to improved performance

How will it impact Maintenance Managers?

Will need to facilitate hands-on training for the entire crew on the new maintenance methods for modern BSIV compliant SCR engines

What will change for Master Mechanics?

Will have to gain complete know-how and skill to work on the new BSIV compliant electronic engines and SCR engines

How will Valvoline Cummins help?

Valvoline Cummins is ready to provide you with complete knowledge, hands-on training and compatible fluids (Premium Plus, AIRShieldTM DEF (AUS32) and Valvoline Koolant) for BSIV compliant electronic EGR and SCR engines

We are here to gear you up for the new wave of BSIV technology change