Valvoline AUS-32


Companion of your BSIV compliant SCR engine

Valvoline AIRShield DEF (AUS32) is a highly purified automotive fluid created especially for use in eco-friendly, BSIV compliant modern SCR engines. The Diesel Exhaust Fluid is effectively counteracts with hazardous NOx exhaust, reducing it to harmless, non-polluting N2, H2O and CO2 gases before emission.

AIRShield DEF (AUS32) is produced following a stringent manufacturing process and adhering to international quality standards including ISO 22241 – 1 Quality Requirements, ISO 22241 – 2 Test Methods, Handling, ISO 22241 – 3 Transportation and Storage.

What is AUS32?

It is an aqueous urea solution prepared by dissolving a precise quantity of pure urea into demineralized water. A biodegradable, non-toxic, stable and colorless fluid, AIRShield DEF (AUS32) is entirely consumable and can be used effectively in light as well as heavy-duty applications.