Valvoline Specialty Fluids

Valvoline offers a wide variety of maintenance products specially designed to help improve the functionality of the vehicle or piece of equipment and extend its operating life. 

Our highly specialised range of speciality fluids is an ideal addition to a homeowners selection of products used for vehicle maintenance. In addition, Valvoline specialty fluids are also suitable for large workshops. The effective cleaning, lubricating, appearance and specialty care products are standard equipment for all kinds of everyday tasks in a workshop.

valvoline specialty fluids

Our specialty fluids product selection

Valvoline selection of specialty fluids consists of brake fluids, chain saw oils, fork oils, lawnmower oils, and screen washers, as well as heavy-duty and power steering products. We also made sure to cover the widest range of vehicles and equipment - from passenger cars, trucks, motors, lawnmowers, chainsaws, snowmobiles, and tractors to many others. Each product is engineered in accordance with the highest industry standards.

We continue to work on diversifying our range of specialty fluids to be able to deliver products for highly-specific purposes. In our range, you will find automotive lubricants adequate for a range of vehicles and vehicle parts, designed to provide functionality under different driving conditions, even the most severe ones. 

None of the products from our selection are considered to be a hazardous mixture and they comply with the defined safety standards. For more information on individual products, refer to our product information sheets and safety data sheets

Why Valvoline

For more than 150 years, we have been delivering innovative products for a variety of applications. We continue to perfect our formulas to make sure they aid in your efforts to maintain your vehicle or piece of equipment, keep it operating at the most optimal level, for years to come.

Before purchasing any of the products, read manufacturers’ instructions to make sure that the speciality fluid is the most appropriate product for your needs. Your satisfaction and safety is our top priority.