Valvoline Industrial Oils

Valvoline industrial oils are specifically engineered to respond to the requirements of a multitude of heavy-duty industries and more demanding industrial equipment, machine parts, and components. They are designed to provide premium performance, exceptional lubrication, outstanding protection, and maximum efficiency even when faced with extreme temperatures and harsh working conditions. 

Valvoline uses the latest, cutting-edge technology to help create a premium product line which is optimised to meet and surpass the ever-growing market expectations. Each product is developed by expert scientists and engineers who are committed to delivering innovative, high-performance products designed to add value to their users. 

Our carefully curated selection of industrial oils is sure to keep your operations running smoothly and effortlessly.

Industrial Family packshots

Types and Applications

Valvoline has a wide range of different industrial oils which are available in different ISO viscosity grades. Our offer includes high-quality circulation oils, compressor oils, heat transfer oils, industrial gear oils, process oils, and turbine oils.

Valvoline industrial oils are developed to be used across various industries, including those highly demanding ones, such as the mining, agriculture, marine, chemical, textile, food, and pharmaceutical industry. Depending on their type, they are recommended for different turbine systems, heat transfer systems, compressors, water pumps, and high-load bearings.


Valvoline industrial oils are made of premium base oils and enhanced with quality additives and antioxidants to ensure superior lubrication for heavy-duty operations. Some of the key benefits these oils provide are:

  • Long-term stability, maximum efficiency, and extended service life.
  • Unparalleled oxidation, thermal, and chemical stability.
  • Superior protection against rust, corrosion, deposits formation, sludge, surface degradation, and damage.
  • The ability to withstand unfavourable working conditions, elevated temperatures, heavy loads, and high pressure.
  • Wide operating range and superior wear and tear protection.

  • Excellent demulsibility, stable viscosity, and great flow characteristics
  • Suitable for damp and moist environments.

If you require any further information, take a look at our product information sheets and safety data sheets