Valvoline Hydraulic Oils

Valvoline has a carefully curated selection of both conventional and premium synthetic, HLVP, HLP and bio hydraulic oils that have a multitude of applications and are suitable to be used across several different industries, such as forestry, transportation, manufacturing, mining, and construction industry. 

What matters the most when it comes to selecting the right hydraulic oil for your needs is the viscosity grade. Viscosity allows the equipment to start functioning at low temperatures and continue operating properly at higher temperatures. 

Choosing the right viscosity grade of hydraulic oil helps increase the efficiency and performance of the equipment, as well as minimize the operating costs.



Thanks to their outstanding characteristics, Valvoline hydraulic oils have a wide range of applications across different industries. They are suitable for heavy-duty industries and heavy types of machinery, especially earthmoving, mining, and tunnel building machinery like excavators, lifts, cranes, bulldozers, tractors, loaders, forklifts, dumpers, tailboards, skidders, etc. Also, some of these oils are biodegradable, which means they can be used in more fragile environments. 

Due to their excellent anti-oxidation and anti-corrosive properties, Valvoline hydraulic oils can also be used whenever the equipment is required to operate in damp and moist environments. In addition, hydraulic oils are developed to withstand extreme temperatures, so they are recommended to be used in unfavourable working conditions. 

Benefits of hydraulic oils

Valvoline hydraulic oils enable the hydraulic system to function properly at both high and low operating temperatures. They help protect against corrosion, dust, foaming, sludge forming, as well as wear and tear, which makes them ideal for wet and damp environments. 

Moreover, Valvoline hydraulic oils have high load-carrying capacity and allow the hydraulic system to withstand heavy loads, so they are suitable for the most demanding conditions and different heavy-duty industries. What’s more, Valvoline hydraulic oils use premium quality base oils and additives that provide excellent power transmission.

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