• valvoline earth lithium 2 grease

Are you looking for a stable, anti-corrosive, heavy-load and heavy-duty grease capable of withstanding high temperatures and stress caused by heavy loads?

Then Valvoline Earth Lithium 2 is the right choice for you!

Valvoline Earth Lithium 2 is a specialty semi-synthetic grease that uses mineral and synthetic ester base oils of the highest quality in order to achieve unparalleled performance and reliability. This lithium grease is formulated to remain stable even at the highest temperatures and can endure heavy loads and harsh working conditions.

Valvoline is considered to be one of the greatest innovators in the motor oil industry, with production, distribution, and customer services operating worldwide since 1886. With many research centers, development labs, and advanced technologies, Valvoline puts quality, performance, and customer satisfaction first and strives to develop products that surpass the ever-changing market requirements.

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