Valvoline Gear & Transmissions Oils

Driveline systems today perform at higher levels than ever before. Their maintenance requires the use of lubricating fluids that can effectively handle the extreme working conditions and prevent downtime.

As innovators on the leading edge of gear and transmission oil technology, Valvoline™ offers quality fluids that meet and exceed the specifications of the leading manufacturers of passenger cars, heavy-duty vehicles, machinery, and equipment.


Valvoline products from the driveline assortment of fluids are high-performance oils developed with world-class lubricant technology. The essential components of these gear and transmission oils represent superior base oils and advanced additives. Together, they form premium quality products that withstand the toughest operating conditions.

Valvoline’s passion for getting the best performance from each vehicle component is reflected in the numerous benefits of every single driveline lubricant. Whether it is a product for passenger cars, heavy-duty, agriculture, or construction application, you can count on its ability to boost the durability, efficiency, and performance of the target components.

Valvoline gear and transmission oils for passenger cars such as the ATF, AXLE, CVT, DCT, GEAR, and TDL possess the most beneficial lubricant features. The incorporated advanced additives protect target parts from performance-hindering effects of corrosion, rust, foaming, and deposits. Also, these additives are carefully selected to increase breakdown resistance even with extended drain intervals. 

Moreover, heavy-duty gear and transmission oils like STOU, UTTO, and UNITRAC universal fluids keep the gearbox and transmission system and its components clean and in excellent condition.

All products possess superior viscosity-temperature properties under a wide range of temperatures and climatic conditions. Valvoline transmission and gear fluids provide smooth lubrication of target components and improve cooling efficiency. 

Not only do they extend the service life of the gearbox, differential, and transmission, but also increase the fuel economy.

Explore our gear and transmission oil range and find the right driveline products to meet your needs.