• MaxLife BL

Specialty Engine Oil For High-Mileage Engines

Valvoline MaxLife™ is the first engine oil specially formulated to address the unique needs of high-mileage engines. With advanced additives such as special seal conditioners and cleaning agents, MaxLife engine oils revitalize critical engine parts to maximize the life of an engine.

MaxLife engine oils help to slow the aging process and prevent pre-mature engine wear. Unique MaxLife conditioners keep the seals in good condition. This helps to reduce, or even prevent, oil consumption of high mileage engines. Additional cleaning agents reduce harmful deposits which are commonly present in high mileage engines.

Furthermore formation of new deposit and sludge is prevented. High mileage engine performance is restored. Formulation of high quality base oils and unique MaxLife additives provide optimal lubrication This helps to extend engine life and the high product stability ensures long lasting performance.

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