Valvoline Coolants and Antifreeze

Choosing the right coolant is essential to engine protection, and the complete range of premium Valvoline coolants help keep system components in top condition. Coolant represents a heat transfer fluid that protects engines from overheating by removing excess heat from an internal combustion engine while protecting engine components from corrosion.

valvoline coolant antifreeze hd extended life and g11

Coolants can be found as a coolant concentrate that needs to be mixed with water or as a prediluted coolant which is a premade mixture consisting of 50% coolant and 50% demineralized water. The latter is highly recommended if you want to prevent the typical mistakes from happening which are:

  • Using hard water with a high mineral content that can harm the cooling system,
  • Adding too much water that increases the risk of rust corrosion,
  • Adding too much coolant that hinders heat transfer.

Most vehicle manufacturers have particular coolant specifications and recommend different coolant technologies. Furthermore, vehicle unique coolant specifications are based on service life, corrosion protection, and chemical compatibility and can usually be found in the vehicle manual. 

Besides meeting these approved technologies, Valvoline coolants offer additional benefits to ensure high protection and performance even in extreme temperatures and conditions.

Valvoline coolant and coolant antifreeze liquids play a key role in maintaining engine heat balance and preventing corrosion of engine components. Valvoline coolant product range includes different formulas of car engine coolant, motorcycle coolant, marine coolant, heavy-duty coolant and application, and versatile engine coolant. All coolant formulas are designed to protect modern engines and their components and contribute to the optimal performance of your machine.

Select the right vehicle or vessel filter category to find the best coolant antifreeze formula for your engine’s unique needs.