Valvoline™ offers a wide variety of top quality products from engine oil to car appearance products. Our heritage spans more than 150 years and our longstanding tradition of true hands-on innovation has put us on the leading edge of engine oil technology.

We offer our premium products for both on- and off-highway vehicles ranging from cars and motorcycles to trucks and stationary industrial engines. Our innovative formulas have always been the No. 1 choice when it comes to redefining engine and machine performance.

Valvoline™ is the only engine oil company that could perform all five required gasoline tests for the current API and ILSAC gasoline categories in-house at our engine test lab. As the leading marketer and supplier of lubricants and automotive services in the world, we relentlessly improve the quality of our branded motor oil, racing oil, high-mileage oil, and the synthetic blend.

All this to make sure our products meet the requirements of our customers who strive to perform and go all out to win.

Moreover, we partner with engine manufacturers around the globe to design new products and heavy-duty motor oil to keep businesses going.

With our products, you can rest assured that your machines will tackle all challenges and weather conditions as we select only the highest-quality base oils and additive technologies.

You have the machines, we have the products.


As much as we know about motor oil, we also design a number of other products to help you get the most out of your vehicle.

In our range of products, you can find oil designed for different purposes such as engine oil and gear oil, and an assortment of service and workshop products such as sprays for optimal protection, lubrication, and car care.

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