Good for the planet, good for the wallet! More and more drivers are falling in love with their intelligent, hybrid electric vehicles thanks to their great fuel economy, reduced CO2 emissions, and the ability to glide silently through neighborhoods on electric power alone. With so many benefits, it is no wonder drivers want the very best care for their cars.

So how not to compromise on performance and protection?

Hybrids remain combustion-engine vehicles at their heart. However, unlike conventional vehicles, their engines have unique demands put on them by the stop-start cycle. These demands, in turn, place demands on the oil. This has led Valvoline to develop an intelligent solution, specifically addressing these demands – Valvoline Hybrid lubricants with Valvoline intelligent fluid technology.

The challenges for the engine oil

  1. Higher amount of stop-start compared to traditional ICE vehicles
  2. Engine (oil) shows longer periods of inactivity
  3. Engine (oil) does not reach the optimal operating temperature necessary to achieve the intended performance and protection

To save fuel, in a hybrid vehicle, the combustion engine stops and starts frequently. This is tough on the engine. It prevents it from reaching its optimal temperature and from boiling off water condensed in the oil. The oil, too, may not reach its optimal temperature, in which case it may not be able to lubricate parts as well as it should. This could lead to an accumulation of sludge and rising chances of corrosion, oxidation, and engine wear. In addition, increased levels of contaminants floating around are likely to reduce the lifetime of both the engine and oil.

Transmissions and its lubricant challenges

Electric motors can be a part of the transmission process of hybrid vehicles; the electric motor driving the transmission. That results in new operating conditions for the drivetrain, increasing demand on the lubricant.

The challenges for the transmission fluid

  1. Lubricant can be in direct contact with the electric motor
  2. High temperatures
  3. Material and coating compatibility

A major concern surrounding transmission fluids in hybrid electric vehicles is the electrical charge in the lubricant when it comes into contact with the electric motor. Transmission fluids tailored to hybrid vehicles such as Valvoline Hybrid must have the correct electrical properties and be compatible with insulating materials and coatings. It is also important to take other factors, such as oxidation, into account. High temperatures can lead to oxidation of the oil causing it to deteriorate, potentially increasing conductivity and putting bearings and seals at stake. The fluid’s capability to cool the electric motor and its electrical components is important to prevent oil oxidation and potential interferences in sensitive electric and electronic components.

If not addressed with an intelligent lubricant, the challenges brought by the new operating conditions could limit the lifetime of the vehicle’s fluids and worse, reduce the lifespan of engine and transmission.

The solution - Valvoline Hybrid

Valvoline has developed intelligent lubricants that incorporate intelligent fluid technology specifically tailored to these hybrid vehicles. Valvoline Hybrid products are lab-tested and specifically enhanced to ensure superior protection in these challenging operating conditions.


Lab-tests have demonstrated excellent benchmark results on oxidation performance, corrosion protection, water tolerance and wear protection, showing double digit performance improvements relative to conventional oils, as well as known industry standards like API and ACEA.

VALVO EU Hybrid Graphs v02

Valvoline Hybrid Product Range

Product Name Material Number EAN code TDS
HYBRID C5 0W20 1L 892409 8710941032818 Click here
HYBRID C5 0W20 5L 892410 8710941032825
HYBRID C5 0W20 20L 892442 8710941032832
HYBRID C2 5W30 1L 892443 8710941032849 Click here
HYBRID C2 5W30 5L 892444 8710941032856
HYBRID C2 5W30 20L 892445 8710941032863
HYBRID C3 5W30 1L 892447 8710941032870 Click here
HYBRID C3 5W30 5L 892448 8710941032887
HYBRID C3 5W30 20L 892449 8710941032894
HYBRID ATF 1L 892451 8710941032900 Click here
HYBRID ATF 20L 892452 8710941032917
HYBRID DCT 1L 892454 8710941032924 Click here
HYBRID DCT 20L 892455 8710941032931