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We’ve been keeping the world moving for over 150 years. Our first breakthrough in motor oil, was motor oil. And we didn’t stop there—from the world’s first racing oil to the world’s first high-mileage blend. There are those who change with the times, and those who drive them.

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Year-round Protection for Petrol, Diesel and LPG Engines
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Our History

Original Through & Through

Valvoline has been making motor oil since 1866. We've not only been making motor oil longer than anyone else, we've been improving it longer than anyone else.

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Dr. John Ellis discovered the lubricating benefits of crude oil and founded the company that became Valvoline™.


When the Model-T was mass-produced, Valvoline™ was the only one motor oil that Ford recommended.


Valvoline™ introduces its all-climate motor oil, so people don't have to switch oils for each season.


With America's obsession with the speed and power of muscle cars, Valvoline™ introduces an oil specifically designed for racing, now called VR1.


Valvoline introduces DuraBlend, our first synthetic blend motor oil to withstand increasingly hotter engine temperatures.


Valvoline™ introduces MaxLife™, the first high mileage motor oil, in response to the aging population of cars, helping restore lost horsepower in cars with over 75,000 miles.


Valvoline™ introduces the 5 quart Easy Pour Bottle™.

Historic Valvoline
Historic Valvoline
Historic Valvoline