Valvoline Eyes Growth in the Industrial Oils Segment

EUROPE, November 17, 2020 –- Valvoline Inc. (NYSE: VVV), a leading worldwide supplier of premium branded lubricants and automotive services, is strengthening its market position and aiming for new business opportunities in industrial segment, with the most complete range of industrial products ever, containing 10 product categories, 20 viscosity grades and 175 SKUs (excluding greases).

Within the space of just three years, Valvoline Europe has significantly grown its industrial lubricants business, expanded its team, and broadened its already extensive portfolio of high-performance products.

As one of the world’s leading lubricant suppliers, Valvoline now boasts its most complete industrial portfolio ever, with a range of products spanning 10 categories that includes hydraulic fluids, compressor oils, slideway oils, and heavy-duty engine oils.

“We have always had extreme pressure gear oils and hydraulics in our portfolio but in 2017, we took our first steps into the industrial world with the launch of several new products, including slideway oils and compressor oils,” says Diego Cesare Brodoni, VP and General Manager Valvoline Europe. “We recognized the potential and importance of the industrial market so started to develop Valvoline products using our knowledge and formulations.”

The business specializes in oils, fluids, and greases that offer superior protection and maximum performance for applications in sectors as diverse as metalworking, marine, construction, mining, agriculture, automotive, and general manufacturing.

Brodoni points to a particular milestone in July 2019 when the company acquired respected Serbian lubricant manufacturer FAM, well-known for its expertise in greases and industrial oils. The deal allowed it to leverage advanced in-house technologies to provide tailored solutions for customers.

“With this acquisition, we’ve been able broaden our portfolio with hundreds of different industrial products and formulations,” he says. “We have a center of excellence in Krusevac, Serbia, with our own R&D laboratories so we don’t need to outsource or rely on external partners to develop products. We’re now able to control the quality of our products thanks to decades of testing and field experience in this market.”

“This was a huge leap for us, from the moment we entered the business of industrial lubricants until being recognized as a significant player in this segment. Since then we have developed new formulas and launched new products.”

The business has upgraded the site’s production capacity to accommodate future demand. New products are always in development and there are plans to introduce a range of food grade lubricants, refrigeration oils, and metal working fluids in the near future, he says.

“We currently have more than 175 different formulations, but this is just the beginning because there are more to come. We’re well positioned for future growth and have a great facility, quality products, and talented technical teams and salespeople with decades of experience and expertise,” adds Brodoni.

Valvoline oils are fully compliant with industry standards and requirements and are formulated to suit even the most extreme conditions and harshest of environments. Each product has unique properties and attributes, he says, whether applications require demulsibility, detergent properties to improve particle transportation, dispersion capacity, or corrosion protection.

Importantly, he notes, Valvoline’s premium products also help to reduce the total cost of ownership. Its dedicated formulations can provide significant savings by reducing maintenance costs, increasing productivity, and improving the reliability of equipment. That means less wear and tear, a reduced likelihood of equipment failure, and minimal downtime.

“For every hour of downtime that we save our customers, we're helping them increase their capacities and production,” says Brodoni.

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