At Valvoline we understand that performance is the only proof of quality. Being a full member of ATIEL, Valvoline assures that products will meet the applicable specifications provided for each of our products. The wide range of Valvoline engine oils features individual formulations that meet and, in some cases, exceed the latest industry and vehicle OEM specifications.

Valvoline tests each batch of oil during the blending process. On-site quality assurance coordinators make certain that product specifications are maintained without exception. To highlight this exceptional quality level, we are proud to say we are granted by ATIEL to carry the EELQMS logo on our labels.

EELQMS Trademark

The stylised oil droplet is ATIEL's logo for the new EELQMS quality management programme, which was introduced at the beginning of 2018. It is designed to promote the development of improved, fit-for-purpose engine lubricants that meet the increasing technical requirements of the automotive industry, and to assist lubricant marketers in assuring the quality of their lubricants and the performance claims being made for them in the marketplace.

The EELQMS is the only system that can be used to support claims against the ACEA Oil Sequences, which set the minimum performance specifications for lubricants used in different European automotive engine categories, and so enable lubricant marketers to include those performance claims on their product labelling.

Marketers are required by ACEA to sign the EELQMS Marketers’ Letter of Conformance (LoC) if they make an ACEA claim for their products. The signing of an LoC by the lubricant marketer, who is wholly responsible for the quality of the lubricant reaching the consumer together with any performance claims being made for it, is the final stage in the process to demonstrate commitment to the EELQMS. Signed LoCs are submitted to ATIEL, which administers the EELQMS on behalf of the other stakeholders.

Description of the system

The EELQMS embraces various European, North American and global quality standards, test methods and procedures, together with industry Codes of Practice and the requirements of the ACEA European Oil Sequences.

Each element of the EELQMS specifies detailed requirements that should be followed in the course of designing, developing, manufacturing or marketing engine lubricants. By incorporating all of these elements, the EELQMS provides comprehensive guidelines for developing high quality lubricants for which a valid ACEA performance claim can be made. Meeting the requirements of each of the constituent elements of EELQMS is the responsibility of the lubricant marketer.


Adding the EELQMS logo on our labels is something we do with proud and comes with a clear story to tell. Consumers are happily invited to reach out in case of questions on the work that we undertake to ensure our Valvoline branded engine lubricants that claim ACEA performance levels are a trusted choice. “What’s on the label is in the fluid”.

For more information please visit the dedicated website for the European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System (EELQMS) click here or contact our European Head Office through the Contact Us page on our website.