HD Extended Life antifreeze coolant meets Cummins 14603, DDC, Terex, Cat EC-1 and other heavy duty diesel engine requirements. Fully formulated HD Extended Life incorporates organic acid technology and heavy duty corrosion inhibitors to protect diesel engines from liner pitting and hard water scale deposits for 3 years, 7,000 hours or 500,000 kilometres (which ever comes first) on initial fill. The patented* chemistry protects all cooling system metals from corrosion including aluminium. HD Extended Life can be used in gasoline engines, stationary power, marine and light duty.

HD Extended Life is compatible with major long life and conventional brands of ethylene glycol based coolant. However long life characteristics may be diminished by mixing with light duty or non-fully formulated coolants. Applications requiring a water filter should use blank filters (without SCA/DCA) and follow engine manufacturers filter change guidelines. Valvoline recommends always topping off with HD Extended Life coolant.

HD Extended Life fully formulated engine coolant meets the performance requirements of ASTM D 6210 for heavy duty diesel engines. HD Extended Life antifreeze coolant meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the following antifreeze specifications and/or recommended practices applications.