Tuesday, July 06, 2021 1:30 PM

Valvoline didn’t begin in a boardroom. It was launched in a lab. And 150 years later, we’re still in the lab, researching and developing and testing for next-gen vehicles.

Over the years, our passion for innovation informed every decision and every product we engineered.

Today, Valvoline is an engine oil brand with a dedicated, certified engine lab in the USA. It’s why we can do more advanced, in-depth R&D, including testing electric vehicles and batteries.


With a fleet of battery electric vehicles, hybrids, and plug-in hybrid EVs in the Valvoline powertrain lab, we’re testing things like:

  • Battery simulation up to 500 Kw
  • EV drive unit and E-axle
  • EV Motors
  • Chassis dynamometers to age EV drive units and batteries
  • Hybrid battery packs

Batteries are like people. Or the three bears. They like the temperature juuuussst right. Because temperature fluctuations can affect an EV battery’s performance, we push batteries to extremes in our cold room, dialing it down to 40 below zero. Excessive? Not to us.

By extensively evaluating batteries, we have a better understanding of how we can help them stand up to anything Mother Nature can dish out.

From hybrids to EVs, we’re ready for what’s next.


Instead of waiting 18 months for a supplier to get us an EV test platform, we built our own. Valvoline’s on-site test cells in the USA are constantly running to prove our EV fluids’ performance and gain more insight into fluid requirements for e-mobility.

Using real-world, rigorous conditions, we test until it meets our uncompromising standards for protection and performance. Just how rigorous? Imagine teenage boys driving their parents’ car, without mum or dad in it.

Why dedicate the extra resources and effort to operate our own research and development lab? Because innovators innovate. It’s what Valvoline does. Our hands-on expertise means getting those hands dirty in the quest for clean energy and electric vehicles.