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You Know

In 2020, for the first time in Valvoline’s history, one cohesive message was rolled out on a global scale. The Original Engine Oil campaign, proclaiming its status as America’s first engine oil brand and uniting 7 regions and over 50 countries with its simple, authentic, and powerful market positioning.

In 2022, Valvoline are introducing a campaign that returns to our historical roots but with an innovative twist - making our history modern.

YOU KNOW is our new campaign – it’s short, punchy and harkens back to the heritage the of “People Who Know” and “You Know What I Mean” campaigns. YOU KNOW is a modern conversational term used very naturally by the vast majority of the Australian population.

The campaign also honours the longstanding innovation of the company throughout its rich history. Touting the world’s first racing, first synthetic blend and first high mileage engine oils, Valvoline has consistently shown its focus on innovating and reinventing engine oil for the evolving automotive, commercial, and industrial customer needs.

“We’ve been at the forefront of many of the innovations in the engine oil category around the world. We constantly strive to make things run better and leverage our hands-on expertise for the benefit of our customers every day,” added Geoff Newson, Valvoline Sales and Marketing Director. “That’s why Valvoline has been trusted for more than 150 years.”

Valvoline has been in operation for over 155 years servicing the automotive aftermarket and a range of commercial industries. The Australian evolution of “The Original Engine Oil” campaign will reinforce the long and proud history Valvoline has within the marketplace. A key communication of the campaign will be the TV commercials that will be on screen from December 2021:

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