Valvoline has been there for as long as people have been racing cars. From working with world-class drivers to developing a motor oil specifically for the high-revving speeds and long run times of racing engines, where there is racing, there is Valvoline.

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Team Valvoline is on a mission to lead the evolution of racing by partnering with racers, engineers, builders, auto professionals and students. Join the Team today to learn more about Valvoline’s innovations in racing as well as earn rewards and discounts on Valvoline Pro-VTM Racing products.

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Valvoline Professional Team

At high speeds it’s difficult to see which drivers fill their machines with Valvoline fluids. We’ve brought things to a halt and compiled some information about the professional drivers and crew chiefs that help make up Team Valvoline.

Valvoline Pro-V Racing Motor Oil

Valvoline Pro-V Racing is a full line of premium racing oils and lubricants utilizing the same technology and expertise behind our professional race teams, optimized in the Valvoline lab and proven on tracks throughout the world.

Valvoline VR1 Motor Oil

This #1 selling racing oil provides high zinc for race-level protection in high performance engines on the track or on the highway. VR1’s exclusive chemistry is designed to reduce friction and enhance power.

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