Mechanics Keep
the World Moving

Mechanics Month 2020

Mechanics, Thank You For Keeping the World Moving

The world changed with the first motor vehicle. This radical invention changed the everyday lives of the entire human race. Families were brought closer, business became more eļ¬ƒcient, and medical emergencies were resolved faster.

These days, there’s not much we can do without motor vehicles. It’s our transportation. Our food. Our resources. Our safety. And behind it all is an industry of skilled professionals who are keeping our wheels moving one day at a time.

It’s about time we give these mechanics their due credit. That’s why here at Valvoline, we’re declaring the month of March International Mechanics Month, and we’re encouraging you to join us in showing appreciation for these hardworking men and women. At your next oil change, thank your mechanic. And be sure and tell them Valvoline sent you.

Celebrating Mechanic Month in Rest of Asia. 

During this month series of mechanic focused initiatives will be rolled out across the region including  Mechanic Roadshows, Mechanic Engagement Events, Digital Campaign & Contests on Facebook.

Thank Your Mechanic Today