We recognize that in today’s world making a commitment to product responsibility means more than reducing the environmental impacts of our finished products. It also involves understanding and ensuring the effective management of health, safety and environmental risks during the discovery, development, manufacture, use and disposal of our products.

Through Valvoline’s long-term membership in the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA), we subscribe to Product Care - a comprehensive product stewardship program that includes the following principles:

  • Designing Products
  • Utilizing Sustainable Materials and Packaging
  • Operating Safe Manufacturing Facilities
  • Promoting Safe Storage and Distribution
  • Providing Useful Product Information
  • Answering Consumer Questions
  • Anticipating Product Disposal Needs

As an example, today’s modern engines demand a lot from a lubricant. That’s why our customers demand Valvoline™ motor oils in more than 100 countries around the globe. Products include MaxLife™ Technology, the first motor oil specifically formulated for higher-mileage vehicles, and the use of recycled motor oil, which is better for the environment while surpassing API specifications.