At Valvoline, we are passionate about creating technologies and solutions to improve our customers’ products and processes, reduce our environmental impact, preserve the world’s natural resources and enhance the quality of life within our communities. Through our Hands on Expertise, people, products, services and close relationships with our stakeholders – Valvoline continues to expand its offerings of sustainable solutions.

A Message From Our CEO

Hello, I’m Sam Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer at Valvoline™. When we talk about sustainability at Valvoline, we don’t think of it as a separate program. It’s the way we do business. We use a theme of People, Product and Planet to describe our efforts.

Globally, we have challenged ourselves to achieve a zero landfill goal. We now have six zero landfill production facilities and other facilities have achieved substantial reduction in solid waste generation. We recently installed solar panels at our Wetherill, Australia blending plant to adopt renewal energy.

At our Lexington, Kentucky headquarters, our employees and Green Team have done wonderful things. We collect and recycle materials such as paper, plastic bottles, batteries and aluminum cans to divert them from landfills. We also focus on energy reduction. In March of this year, we moved into our new energy efficient headquarters. The design of our new campus includes steel components with high recycled content, LED lighting, a roofing system that will optimize heating and cooling and reduce environmental heat stress, and water conserving plumbing fixtures.

Sustainability also extends to our products. Through Valvoline’s long-term membership in the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA), we subscribe to Product Care™ a comprehensive product stewardship program. For example, we optimize our packaging and cartons to maximize recycled content, reducing the environment footprint from our products. Through the hands-on involvement of our employees, we seek to enhance and protect our planet. An example of this would be our participation in Earth Day each year.

Valvoline will continue our drive for sustainability. We will generate an annual sustainability report and publish the results on this website.

Our dedicated employees at all levels of the organization work hard as a team to make the Valvoline organization and brand sustainable. We are committed to continuous improvement, and our continued focus on People, Product and Planet... and with a team of committed and dedicated employees, we’ll get there.

Our Sustainable Journey

As Valvoline becomes an independent, publically traded company, we are in the process of developing a new sustainability website to define and describe our sustainability efforts. Below is a brief summary of Valvoline’s efforts to create business value through our People, Planet and Product sustainability initiatives.