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Racing Sponsorships FAQ

How long has Valvoline been involved in racing?

Valvoline lubricated the winning car in the first auto race in the U.S. in 1895 in Chicago. Since then, Valvoline Racing has been involved all over the world in everything from NASCAR to Indy Car racing to NHRA drag racing to Formula One.

What teams does Valvoline sponsor?

In 2015, Valvoline has working relationships with a number of top tier teams and drivers in various series throughout the United States, including NASCAR and the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). In NASCAR, Valvoline is proud to be the Official Motor Oil of Hendrick Motorsports. Valvoline also supports NHRA teams of Gray Motorsports and Stringer Performance.

When did Valvoline start making motor oil specifically for racing?

Racers have been depending on Valvoline racing oils for more than 100 years. Valvoline formulated the first racing motor oil in 1965 and Valvoline VR-1 Racing Motor Oil is the best-selling motor oil of all time. It can also be used for today's cars.

What Valvoline racing oils (racing-only) are available?

Valvoline has a complete line of Pro-V Racing Oils that are intended for racing engines only and are not suitable for street vehicles.

Will Valvoline sponsor my car?

Valvoline is not accepting sponsorship proposals. Visit Team.Valvoline.com to learn more about how you can earn rewards toward Valvoline Racing products.