We are The Only One with a depth of heavy duty product offerings, premium lubricants, greases, ZEREXTM coolants and wiper blades, to fit your every need.

Global Partnership

Valvoline is The Only One to form a partnership with Cummins, the world’s largest independent diesel engine manufacturer. This alliance has brought together two of the best-known companies in their respective fields: Valvoline and Cummins. This worldwide cooperation has combined engine, lubricant and filtration technology to deliver products and services that can help to reduce Total Cost of Ownership and achieve our shared goal of making each Customer a “Customer for Life.”

Tested Technology

Through collaborative efforts across the globe, Valvoline and Cummins have developed Premium BlueTM to protect your engine and to help minimize maintenance costs. This effort, spanning millions of miles on the road and thousands of hours in test cells, is the reason that Premium Blue is The Only One endorsed by Cummins. It's also the reason that Premium Blue is The Only One identified for extended drain intervals in ISX service literature.

Cummins engines are designed and developed with Premium Blue, and new Cummins engines are first fired with Premium Blue coursing through their oil rifles. When your business depends on reliable equipment, why would you use anything else?

For mixed fleet applications, Premium Blue is API CJ-4 licensed and is approved for use in Mack EO-O, Volvo VDS-4 and Detroit Diesel 93K218 applications.