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Valvoline is part of Ashland, Inc., a Fortune 500 company with expertise in specialty ingredients such as cellulose ethers, chemicals for specialty papermaking and unsaturated polyester resins and vinyl ester resins.
The size and scope of our worldwide organization provides us with technical and financial resources that other firms simply can’t match. That, combined with our expertise and experience at serving specific commercial and industrial industries, is what gives us an edge in developing innovative products and services.

Our New Product Development Lab (NPDL) in Lexington, KY is home base for global research and development activities, with every kind of testing apparatus used for lubricants, coolants and appearance products.  Our research expertise includes tribology, rheology, colloidal science, thermal conductivity and heat transfer, corrosion and electrochemistry. It also serves as a training center for Valvoline employees on products and technology.

The Valvoline Ashland Lab is a state-of-the-art mechanical testing facility located in Ashland KY.  The Ashland Lab has been conducting vehicle and engine tests - performing evaluations of engine oils, additives, coolants and automotive chemicals - for over half a century.

We are responsible for product formulations, performance validation, technical support, product quality measurement, as well as engine lab and field testing.

The future is all about leveraging technology to provide greater productivity and value. No one does that better for you than Valvoline.

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